49ers Trenton Cannon Injury Video Goes Viral on Social Media

WATCH: 49ers Trenton Cannon Injury Video Goes Viral on Social Media: Trenton Cannon is injured and this news is making the headlines, while he was in the field he had been badly injured. He was taken from the field after he was injured. So lets us tell you that on Sunday there was a match between the two tremendous teams 49ers RB vs Seahawks. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

Trenton Cannon Injury Video

Trenton Cannon Injury Video

Here is the complete incident, when Cannon was trying to attempt to tackle Seattle returner DeeJay Dallas this happened when his head was rammed into the leg of teammate Talanao Hufanga. And later his aged spread twisted awkwardly. After this hit, his head hit the leg of another player and this leads to the moving him in another direction.


Just after this, the medical services reach the spot, and they started to examine him after which he had been taken to the hospital. The emergency services made him lie on a stretcher and while they were making him inside an ambulance hs hand moved.

In the video, we can see that while the whole procedure was taking place rest of the payers of both the teams are on a field and they all are waiting to see whether he is fine or not.

Noe many of his fans are taking to Twitter to pray for him and waiting for him to be recover as soon as possible. Here is a tweet that reads, “Prayers are here for Trenton Cannon as he is in a pain and waiting for him to be recovered soon.”

Who is Trenton Cannon?

He was born on July 23 1994 and is also known as an American football player he is playing for a team of 49ers in the position of Running back. His height is 5 ft 11 inches. He grabbed his education from Shepherd University but a year after he transferred to Virginia State. In the 2015 season, he had 1,183 rushing yards and nine flying touchdowns to go along with nine gatherings for 182 gaining yards and two drawing touchdowns. In season 2016, he had rushing yards of 1,214 and 18 rushing touchdowns so that they can go along with 18 receptions for 203 receiving yards and also for the two receiving touchdowns.

His fans are paying for him as he is the most beloved and favorite football player. And they all are so tense for their player. Even his teammates are also tense and they are with him.

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