Andrea Knabel Remains Found Dead Or Alive? Louisville KY Mom Discovery+ Story Explained

Missing: Andrea Knabel Remains Found Dead Or Alive? Louisville KY Mom Discovery+ Story Explained: Many streaming networks and sites like to create documentary series to make the audience aware of the crimes and sometimes to provide justice to the victims. In this regard, Discovery+ has created a documentary series about Andrea Knabel, a disappearing Louisville mother who has been missing for more than 2 years. The family of Andrea Knabel has not given up hope of finding her, and they have enlisted the help of a friend who serves as a private detective. Her remains have yet to be discovered; therefore, it is uncertain whether she is demised or alive. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

Andrea Knabel

Andrea Knabel Remains Found Dead Or Alive?

When Andrea Knabel disappeared on 13th August 2019, she was 37 years old. She was born and brought up in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Her family hopes the remains found are not human; though after 19 months of searching, that hope is dwindling. Andrea Michelle Knabel lived in Louisville, Kentucky. At the incident, the single mother had 2 sons, ages 6 and 8. Andrea served as an analyst prior to being laid off, but she performed odd jobs to support her kids. The bright, young lady worked for Missing in America, a volunteer organization that helped in searching missing people.

Discovery+Docuseries Discloses The Story Behind Andrea Knabel Disappearance

Andrea Knabel has been disappearing for 2 years; her family continues to raise awareness about her missing on social media, mainly through the “Where is Andrea Knabel” website, a 4-part docuseries on the case due to streaming on Discovery+ and ID. From the perspective of new private investigators, the series brings the more than 2-year-old case back to life. “Finding Andrea” presents a fresh viewpoint on the mother of two’s missing by utilizing active investigative scene work. It contains previously unwatched footage, implying that her investigation activities may have put her in danger. The series has already telecasted two episodes, disclosing new details on the case.

Husband And Family Of Andrea Knabel

Andrea Knabe was a single mother, so her spouse is not disclosed. She is a mother of 2 children. Her father’s name is Mike Knabel and her sister’s name is Erin Knabel, but the identities of her mother remain not known yet. Since Andrea missing, they collaborate with friends and private investigators to find her. Her father expressed hope that his daughter is still alive but that she is most certainly no longer in Louisville if she is.

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