Cat Pushes Dog Down Stairs video goes viral on social media

WATCH: Cat Pushes Dog Down Stairs video goes viral on social media: We are here with the most cutest video of the pets in which they are found in a most unexpected act. A cat landed itself in a doghouse and then he was got filmed after pushing his owner’s elderly dog as he has been come down to as a flight of stairs. Now, this video is getting viral, and what you will be going to see inside a video. So without any more delay, let’s get into the article below. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

Cat Pushes Dog Down Stairs

Cat Pushes Dog Down Stairs video

Though as per the rules the pets are so funny and they keep the and fresh. Well, pet cats and dogs use to be live together but they could not live with happiness with each other. As per the Angie Bailey in Caster, hence the behavior of the pets is seen that they are each other’s enemies and treated just like this only.


luckily she’s okay 💜 #dogsofttiktok

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An owner of the pets gave a statement in which she said that “dogs are descendants of naturally social wolves shares as the cats are the ancestors these are the Arabia wildcats and who was primarily to be loners.” She further said that “Doga also have some of the instinct to chase small prey such as fleeing. And there isn’t anything like that cats don’t chase.’

So in a video, we will ging to see that “a black and white cat whose name is Snickers who was waiting at the top of the stairs and the store sare carpeted and a golden dog who is named Bailey was made her way to down thee steps. Later something unexpected took place.”

After this we will get to hear that owner of pets says “hey leave it alone”, but when he said so it was too late. Now, this video is being charged on the web and many of the users are sharing it on their social media platforms. Many of them are passing their different opinions on this. And has been crossed numerous of views and there is more to be count.

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