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Clipgrab Review – Best Free Video Chat With Text Service




Clipgrab is a new web-based video capture program that lets you stream live video to your website, Facebook, and others. The software has many features including time restriction and scrubbing. It’s also an ideal solution for web conferences. I’ve used this product extensively. In this ClipGrab review I’ll show you what it’s like to use and how it works.

Program does not require:

The program does not require any up-front cost and is completely free to try. You can simply go to the website and submit your website, video URL or folder URL. A capture form will be created for your website or video. This form can be filled with your text or a custom logo and embedded into your website.

When visitors to your site load your video they will see your company logo. The captured video and your logo will then be sent to your email newsletter. For each video published you receive one point. After reaching fifteen points you win a prize.

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Clipgrab has several features:

Clipgrab has several features including: live streaming, automatic pauses, skip rewind, delete captured media, tags, titles, comments and calendars. These features work seamlessly together. The software also includes an impressive set of tools. There are free video editing and trimming tools, an Advanced Video Editor, a Flash Artist, a Splitter, a Video Player, a Fruity Gallery, and an Audio Splitter.

Clipgrab can be used as a simple video capture software or a full featured advanced video editor. The one feature that could make this program not worth your time is the need to know HTML. This is because the software does support HTML5 and has the ability to add a basic splitter for cropping. However, the rest of the features seem very powerful and well thought out.

The software has received positive reviews:

The website was launched in May of 2021 and is similar to YouTube. In order to use the software you must have a website. You do not need to have a blog on your site because the software will automatically import any relevant pages. The captured video can be sent to your email and within minutes it will be posted on your own site or you can publish the video on your own website. If you want to share the video on a social network such as Facebook you can do so by setting the Share button on the video.


The software has received positive reviews and has received over one million downloads since it was launched. The only real disadvantage would be if you do not own a website. Even if you don’t own a site you could still capture the video and upload it to your own site. The other downside is that the service does not work with HTML. It only works with flash and therefore some of the features that you will want to capture in the video may not be able to be displayed properly on your browser. Other than that the Clipgrab website is excellent and I really recommend it.

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Clipgrab is not only limited to video sharing but can be used for a wide variety of information sharing as well. If you want to upload an audio file onto your website you can do that as well. The software allows you to download videos to your computer, burn them to CD or play them directly from your hard drive. This is great if you have lots of free space on your hard drive and want to share everything you have recorded. The website also allows you to search for videos based on keywords so you can easily find what you are looking for.

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