Faisalabad Incident Viral Video Molesting 4 Women, Suspects Images Names Identity Revealed

In the midst of so much trending news, Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned to be in the headlines, and the people of the country who always says that they respect women have done something that shows the level of their respect. Recently a video started to surface on the internet straight from Pakistan’s Faisalabad where a bunch of people seems to beat and strip their clothes and the deal went more shameful when they filmed the entire scene.

Faisalabad Incident Video

Pakistan is again in the headlines after a video went viral where a bunch of people seems molesting 4 women and taking off their clothes. Out of 4 women, there was a teenage girl who also faced the same thing and survive the outrage of men around her. However, everyone right there was no stopping them to do the deed but it was observed that as they all were screaming and blowing a whistle, it seems they all were happy seeing them naked. As soon as the Pakistani police got to know about the scene they reached the spot and nabbed all 5 males on suspicion of beating, stripping, and recording 4 women. After the video went viral online it gained a massive outrage of netizens across the globe and as usual, these 5 men made entire Pakistan ashamed in front of the world.

Well, this is not the first time where Pakistan is getting outraged and also grabbing the headlines but recently the jealousy factor among celebs led the country into news were a junior co-actor Kashif Chann, l3ak3d a makeup room video of famous stage actresses Mehak Noor, Zara Khan & Silk and it has become a big deal to talk on. When an investigation was held in the case it came into view that it was actually Senior stage actor Khushboo Khan who paid Kashif Chann to get their private video l3ak3d and the news you can read on our page as well where it is completed explained.

Well, the main thing that is being searched by people across the globe is Pakistan viral video or Faislabad naked women incident and it is creating a buzz. As per the reports, the ladies were stealing and abusing the shopkeeper but when he told other shopkeepers about the scene they react and started to take off their clothes one by one. In the video, you can watch how ladies are crying and begging them to leave them. You can watch the video as well. Stay connected to read more updates.

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