GREY HAIRED VIDEO: Americans react after finding out Paul Wall is a white man with grey hair and beard in new look

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Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Americans react after finding out Paul Wall is a white man with grey hair and beard in new look.

“Boy I had fun at that Texas game yesterday man,” Wall said. “Tough loss, definitely a tough loss, but man did we have fun in that sweep bro, let me tell you. I walked all over that stadium.”

Paul Wall went on to say, “I must have walked about ten miles yesterday just walking from one side of the stadium to the other. From the sweep back to downstairs over to the field where we were performing for halftime with my boy LouisTheSinger. Man, it was a hell of a day.”

Wall noted his aged appearance in the TikTok’s caption, writing, “1st off, why my face look like the old man filter lol.”

Paul Wall is one of the biggest Astros fans around and shows his support by going to games and parades and even writing songs about his favorite team, but he got tricked Thursday.

The Astros had the night off, a day after nearly no-hitting the Oakland A’s, but the Houston rapper forgot about that small detail when he tuned in to AT&T SportsNet before performing at University of Houston’s Hall of Honor event on Thursday night. Paul Wall’s greying look captivated fans specifically on X, formerly known as Twitter. Dozens of fans claimed Paul Wall to be unrecognizable, with many in shock as to how old the 42-year-old appeared to look.

Some people loved the greyed-up Paul Wall, and regardless the conversation made him the No. 9 most trending topic in the United States on Tuesday (Sept. 19).

“I was watching the @astros game today, and they had another no-hitter going,” Paul Wall tweeted late Thursday night. “I was like, ‘OK, my boys on fire!! Breggy bomb, King Tuck, Yordan, almost 2 no-hitters back to back. … It took all the way to the 8th inning for me to realize it was a replay of yesterday’s game.”

Thankfully, Richard Araguz, Paul Wall’s road manager who goes by the name Gu and also claims on his Twitter bio to be the “Head Couch Coach of the 2017 and 2022 World Series Champion Houston Astros”, was there to set him straight.


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