Is Bam Margera Dead or Alive? American skateboarder Iconic Jackass Star Death Hoax Explained

Is Bam Margera Dead or Alive? American skateboarder Iconic Jackass Star Death Hoax Explained: A world-famous stunt man, Jackass Star Bam Margera is no more and this news of his demise is scattering on the social media platforms and his fans are in grief as they can’t afford his sudden demise and they are now taking over to the web to pay their tribute to him but let us tell you that this might be a rumor about ‘his death. Yes, it might a death hoax also, so to get a confirmation to stay tuned to the blog. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

bam margera

Is Bam Margera Dead or Alive?

He became famous in the 2000s and this year he is reached t his 48, he rose to fame after appearing on the MTV reality show. He has so many tattoos on his body and even has piercings. He use to look cool and so attractive. His personality is lucrative.  There was news of his sudden demise on Twitter, on Wednesday. So let us tell you that this is just a rumor and false news about him. He is still alive and doing well in his life. So he has been recently shared a post on his Instagram account. And we can say that he is just fallen as a victim to yet another death hoax on social media.


Bam Margera Death Hoax

He must be taking a breath of relief as his death news is fake and he is doing great in his life. But a question is how did his death hoax begin? It was started when the wrestler Hulk Hogan has been claimed that he was dead om the year 2018 but it was accidental from his side. He took to Twitter and wrote, “Damn, I wish you are still there with us and we will go hang out and enjoys ourselves tighter. So with a heavy heart, I have to accept that you are no more and I Love You man.”

Later Hulk realized that it was his biggest mistake and he also confused many of the fans of Bam. He was also got confused as his friends were almost his life in an accident but Hulk that it was Bam. Which was later cleared to him and he apologise to him and his fans on Twitter.

Here is another tweet, “I wad got confused between Ryan and Bam. I’m sorry for my mistake.”

So this time also it’s a death hoax do you guys are requested to ignore the news of Bam’s death.

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