Is Gorilla Glue Girl Dead or Alive? Fake Death Hoax Explained

Is Gorilla Glue Girl Dead or Alive? Fake Death Hoax Explained: Recently, another celebrity entered the list of death hoaxes. This time, the famous Gorilla Glue Girl came into the headlines for her death hoax. But we would like to tell you that the death hoax of Gorilla Glue Girl is absolutely false. She is completely fine and doing well. The news of her death has been making headlines and getting viral rapidly. The news has been circulating on several social media platforms. Many people are seeking details regarding this matter. People are wondering whether the news about her death is true or not. In this article, we are going to provide all the details about this matter and Gorilla Glue Girl. Follow More Update On

Gorilla Glue Girl Dead

Is Gorilla Glue Girl Dead or Alive?

As we all know that Gorilla Glue Girl went viral on social media earlier this year when she applied Gorilla Glue Girl in her hair which is mainly used in metal and woods. When this news broke out, she gained lots of attention from the netizens. However, she was never suggested to use the product in the hair or skin. She just used Gorilla Glue as an alternative to her hairspray in a rush. After this happened, she notices that the Glue didn’t come out of her hair and a week passed then she took TikTok for advice from her followers.

After revealing the incident on the internet, she went viral worldwide and gained the nickname “Gorilla Glue Girl”. Recently, she made headlines again when her death rumors started spreading over the internet. Some sources claimed that she lost her life during the hair surgery. However, this is not the truth. She is absolutely fine. Gorilla Glue Girl death rumors are completely false. We would like to inform everyone that whatever has been spreading on the internet regarding her death is completely false.

She has been recovered successfully from her hair surgery. Apart from this, she is kicking and completely okay today. She has been got rid of the glue. She has also launched her own haircare line that’s called Forever Hair. Her business is going on smoothly and she is also gaining much love from many. Moreover, she is going to release her song “Ma Hair” today at midnight on several platforms. After seeing her, we can say that she is the true example of “All is well that ends well”. Gorilla Glue Girl’s real name is Tessica Brown, however, she is mainly known for her nickname. She is pretty active on all social media platforms and has a good amount of fan following over there. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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