Kate Henshaw reacts to a before and after transformation body photo of Frank Edoho on Twitter

Kate Henshaw reacts to a before and after transformation body photo of Frank Edoho on Twitter

Nigerian Nollywood veteran, Kate Henshaw, recently took to social media to express her admiration after witnessing the impressive before-and-after body transformation of Nigerian TV host, Frank Edoho, on Twitter.

Edoho shared a photo documenting his journey, explaining how a football injury in 2017 led him to grapple with weight loss. At one point, he weighed 120kg and felt deeply dissatisfied with his condition. Determined to make a change, he set a three-month goal for himself and remarkably achieved it within a single month through a combination of running and weightlifting.


This tweet from Frank Edoho sharing before and after transformation body photo of himself has attracted reactions from Nigerian Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw who tweeted: “When I saw you the last time we hosted an event, I was so proud! Well done my brother…”


Kate Henshaw, upon seeing Edoho’s remarkable progress, responded to his tweet with a message of pride and encouragement. She recalled their previous encounter when they co-hosted an event, expressing her genuine admiration for his transformation. This heartwarming exchange between the two notable figures garnered significant attention from both Nigerians and social media users. Many were inspired by Edoho’s achievement, some even seeking advice on training ideas, while others lauded Kate Henshaw for serving as an inspiration in her own right.

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