Kim Cattrall Character (Samantha Jones) Dead or Alive S*x and the City Reboot Amid Hopes She’ll Return

The American romantic-comedy drama TV series S*x and the City has been maintaining its place in the headlines. Now, S*x and the City reboot, And Just Like That is around the corner. The viewers are quite excited to know what the new season stores for them. To keep the fans engaged, the show makers have started to drip-feed fans some long-awaited questions and secrets. You must have guessed what is the most awaited secret of the television series. Yes, what happened to Samantha Jones. Here’s what we know about it.

Kim Cattrall Character Samantha

It is known that Kim Cattrall who essays the role of Samantha Jones, a s*xaholic PR executive is not reprising her role in this upcoming series. As per the sources, her role has been written out and also has been kept under the covers. You must be aware of the rumours that started to circulate in August this year regarding the death of Samantha. It has become a subject of discussion those days as everyone was talking about it. Later, a video that was uploaded on Tik Tok showed a group of extras who were purportedly filming And Just Like That- appearing solemn and in the all-black outfits.

The narrator of the clip hypothesised: “Is it for Samantha’s funeral?”. Well, we seem to have the answer to this question now which is “no”. It has been coming forward that Samantha has moved to London. A source reportedly informed a newspaper where it was said that they couldn’t have Samantha walking around New York City and not let the other women in the story. Miranda and Charlotte, socialising with her as it wouldn’t have made any sense. It was told that sending Samantha to Los Angeles was also not an option.

The source further told that the only way to keep the character of Samantha Jones alive was to make her character based in London. Talking about the plot, Samantha is done with her ex-BFF Carrie Bradshaw, a character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. It is also reported that the duo has actually fallen out in real life. Kim Cattrell also spoke about the possibility of her reprising the said role ever in life. She said that she would never want to be in a place for even an hour where she doesn’t enjoy herself. Keep following our site, Social Telecast, for more interesting and the latest updates around the world.

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