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Best Programming Languages to develop android applications in 2021



Best programming languages

Comparison between Kotlin and JAVA
What is Kotlin
What is Java
What is c#
What is c++
What is python
What are Javascript, HTML, and CSS
Kotlin VS java
Pros and Cons of kotlin
Pros and Cons of Java
What are the applications of Kotlin
What are the most popular programming Language
Why Us?

High-level and best programming languages are more complex than the languages the computer actually understands.
Google I/O introduced Kotlin two years ago. Since then, Kotlin has cemented itself as a leader in the Android app development industry. This is due to the fact that a large percentage of Android apps are written in Java and many people take help from many Academic writing services both online and offline.

Comparison between Kotlin and JAVA

The greatest thing you can do if you want to build apps in a language other than Java is to go over to Kotlin

Parameter Kotline Java
Compilation Virtual Machine Bytecodes
Smart Casts
Singletons Objects
Null Safety Χ
Non-private Fields Χ
Invariant Array Χ
Wildcard Types Χ

Let’s Dive into the Best Programming Languages:

What is Kotlin

Open-source programming language Kotlin can run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin was created by JetBrains and is backed by Google on an official basis Leaders in the business world such as Pivotal and Atlassian are now utilizing Kotlin to create Android apps. Kotlin was ranked 6th in a recent study by Jexenter.

Pros and Cons of kotlin

Some pros and cons of kotlin are mentioned below


Writing and deploying a programme requires fewer lines of code and less time, therefore your software will be created faster.

Kotlin is considerably easier to learn than Java because it doesn’t require any prior experience in mobile app development to get started.

A 100 per cent Java-compatible programming language, Kotlin was developed by Google.


For Kotlin, there are only a handful of developers. The Android app development business is experiencing a skills shortage.

  When it comes to speed, it can be quite quick, but when it comes to performance, it may be substantially slower than its competitors, such as Java


What is java


This programming language is often regarded as being one of the finest for apps The latest TIOBE index, published in December 2018, ranks Java as the top programming language in the world. More than just an Android app creation tool, it offers a wide range of Java’s benefits and downsides are listed here.

Pros and Cons of Java

Some pros and cons of Java are mentioned below


● Due to the fact that Java was used to build Android, it already contains libraries and SDKs to assist in the creation

● Programs written in Java may run on practically any system thanks to the Java Virtual Machine, which is platform-independent and can run on any operating system.


● In comparison to other languages, Java uses more memory and is slower.

●  As a result of Java’s lengthy code requirements, it is more time consuming but you can get help from Academic help services online



What is c#

Android” is a cross-platform C# implementation. C# may be used to create native Android apps that can be shared across various platforms, such as iOS and Android. Garbage collection is implemented in C# as well, thus memory leaks are minimised.

What is c++


It is possible to develop android apps using the Android Native Development Kit and C++ (NDK). It is not possible to develop a complete programme in C++, therefore the NDK may be used to implement sections of it in native C++ code instead. Java is a better choice than C++ because it offers more benefits for the same amount of effort.

What is python

Despite the fact that Android does not allow native Python programming, Python may be used to create Android apps. Python apps may be converted into Android packages with the help of tools. An open-source Python library used to create mobile applications is Kivy.

What are Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Using the Adobe PhoneGap framework, you may develop apps that are shown in a “WebView“. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may be used to develop apps. Developing a great Android app involves a lot of labour and a lot of JavaScript.

Kotlin VS java

While Java code is more succinct and safer, Kotlin code is more. Apps for Android may live with both Kotlin and Java files. In Google I/unveiling O’s of Kotlin, the question of whether to use Java or Kotlin was answered

Coding lines per programme may be reduced by 40 per cent with Kotlin. Kotlin is often taught in a few hours to a Java developer. Pasting Java code into a Kotlin file is all it takes to convert Java to Kotlin in Android Studio

What are the applications of Kotlin?

 Application of kotlin are as under:

  1. Amaze File Manager
  2.     Signal
  3.     Spotify
  4.     Cash App
  5.     Twitter

What are popular programming languages?

Based on the number of competent engineers throughout the world, the TIOBE Programming Community Index maintains these ranks on a monthly basis. One can choose from a wide range of popular programming languages at the time of this article’s publication.

  • C
  • C++
  • C# 
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Groovy
  • Groovy
  • Java 
  • Visual Basic 
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Assembly language


What areis the Kotlin’s additionaladditional Kotlin’s featuresfeature?

Kotlin code is smaller than Java code because it is less verbose. Due to the fact that all null circumstances in the code will be flagged at build time, there is no risk of NullPoint “is-checks” for immutable values being available in the Java Android version of Kotlin, and the language also uses automatic casting when necessary.

What is PHP?

PHP is an object-oriented programming language with a high level of abstraction. In some respects, it’s comparable to JavaScript, except it’s server-side rather than client-side. When combined with JavaScript, it’s a powerful tool for web developers.

Which is better? Kotlin or Java

Kotlin is more expressive than Java thanks to characteristics such as more declarative, less code, and a For corporate apps and mobile devices, this makes Kotlin superior to Java. This Language considered the best programming language due to several reasons and the one reason is, it includes the fact that Kotlin interacts with Java and allows for incremental changes in code

What is SQL?

Data in databases are managed using Structured Query Language (SQL). This isn’t a general-purpose programming language like many of the others we’ve discussed so far. Compared to other programming languages such as C or Java, its use is far more limited and restricted.


Developing Android Apps does not have a “proper language”. Now it’s up to you, based on your goals and interests, to decide which language to use. Keep in mind that anything you choose will only enhance your Android development abilities and help you become a better Android developer.

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VCIOO, Memory Controlled Voltage, & Overclocking




In the past, the memory regulated voltage was constructed into the chipset. In today’s computer, it is built straight right into the CPU. VCIOO is the Vcore or the voltage core. It is the primary core voltage that your CPU makes use of. It comes from the motherboard and is figured out by your cpu. Every processor is given a video or voltage identification number. That is the maximum voltage defined by the producer of the CPU. It obtains challenging because, while every CPU design has its own VID, not all CPUs of the very same model will require the same voltage to run stably. If you overclock, not all CPUs will have the exact same safe voltage.

Some CPUs will certainly require more as well as some will certainly need less depending on a lot of aspects that it can be challenging to identify the rate without just doing it and also running a stress test. Frequently, it comes down to silicon quality, and that isn’t something you can simply evaluate. Instead, makers will certainly give the video at the most affordable possible degree to make certain security. It will actually change in worths and depends upon the speed of your CPU. The load you put on your CPU will cause the CPU voltage and also Vcore to rise and fall.

For normal users who don’t overclock or heavily game, everything is controlled by the motherboard, and users will never have to do anything.

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What is CPU Voltage?

Within the BIOS on your computer, you will see three different CPU voltage limits, such as 1.12500. This value is automatically set, but you can actually change it to determine your own CPU voltage if you are looking to overclock or underclock your CPU.

Gentle overclocking isn’t going to do much to boost CPU voltage, but overclocking RAM can cause the CPU to demand more voltage to reach and stay at those higher frequencies. At the same time, some CPUs have a higher VID than what it really needs to operate, and you can lower the voltage to save on power and to reduce those internal temperatures that can fry sensitive technologies.

The Amount Of Power Used By The CPU = The Amount Of Heat Generated = The CPU Voltage Used

In general, core voltage levels will remain at a constant value while you are using your CPU.

However, under heavy workloads like when you are gaming or trying to do quite a bit at the same time, it will fluctuate.

Some people call this “vdroop” and you can fix it with load-line calibration. When you do this, you are adding additional voltage as the load increases, which will maintain stability in the CPU.


How To Safely Overclock Your Computer

If you are new to overclocking, you have to know that it is an extremely thin line to walk. You can only push your CPU so far or then it will start to become unstable. If you push it even further, or you don’t pay attention to heat, you can do irreparable damage.

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Programs will start to crash or hang up, you may see stuttering or artifacts in your games, and your computer may even go into self-preservation mode and stop booting up. This is because you do not have the voltage necessary to maintain stability.

If you want to overclock, you will need to increase the amount of voltage to your CPU. It is a bit of a “guess and check” situation in that you will have to play with the numbers to see what your perfect level is, and it may be different in different situations.

To adjust your voltage, you will need to get into your motherboard’s BIOS and start making adjustments. As mentioned, the Vcore is expressed as a decimal value, such as 1.12500. As this is auto set up, it might not be the perfect number for your computer. You can type into the field at any time to override the value.

In some models, you may get a notification when you approach the limit. For others, you won’t get a limit warning so you will have to look it up for yourself.

Before you start trying to overclock, you should stress test and get a baseline value for speed. This will vary from model to model, but you should be able to find the answer with a simple Google search.

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If you have a gaming computer, you should find it pretty easily. If you have a traditional, pre-built computer, it may be a little harder to find it.

Still, most publications will list the voltage and you may even be able to find it with the literature that comes with your computer.

These values will provide a place for you to start so you can get to your perfect level that much faster when you are trying to overclock.

If you do boot up your machine and don’t find stability issues, you can start to decrease or increase the voltage. When you overclock, you want to find the lowest voltage requires to keep your system stable. The lower the voltage, the less heat. The higher the voltage, the more heat. It is a fairly simple equation.

If you are looking to safely adjust your VCIOO, do so in increments of 0.01 volts. This will lower the CPU’s voltage gradually so that you can see the impact. Eventually, you will lower it too far and the system will crash under the load.

Once you reach that level, you can go back up in even smaller steps until the system stabilizes again. To do this, you can make adjustments as small as 0

As you overclock, be sure to check on CPU temperatures to see the impact it has. It may even be more effective than upgrading your CPU cooler.

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Steps on How to Log in Verizon.Net Email Account



Regardless of the fact that Verizon was a well-known and secured email service with a total of 2.5 million active users, it announced its closure in 2017. Verizon, unfortunately, got itself out of the email business to focus on other services (like internet, television, and IPTV) and at the same time also asked all its users to migrate their email addresses to over two popular services namely Yahoo and AOL. So, basically this way Verizon has changed the way its veteran customers (as it is not possible to sign-up for a new Verizon email account) would access the Verizon email login.

Now, every user of email service has to access their Verizon email accounts via AOL and Yahoo web addresses, instead of the actual Verizon email sign-in page. However, if you still have any confusion about the same and you’re having trouble in accessing your Verizon account then, have a look at the below-mentioned simple steps process of how you can log in to your Verizon email account from your device (be it Mobile or PC): 

Steps to Log in Verizon.Net Email Account

Access your Verizon Email Account via Mobile!

  • In order to start the login process of accessing your Verizon mail account from your mobile, tap on the icon of ‘Settings’ which is there on your mobile’s home screen.
  • From settings, tap on the option of ‘Mail List’ to select the ‘Accounts’ option from there.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Add Account’ option and select either one from the ‘AOL’ or ‘Yahoo’ icons.
  • After selecting the same, move forward to input the following details associated with your Verizon email account:
    • Your Full Name/Username
    • Your Verizon Email Address (For instance,
    • Your Verizon Password
  • Now, once you’re done entering the asked login details of your Verizon account, tap on the ‘Next’ button to further follow the on-screen prompts and that’s it, you’re done!

So, this is how you can add your Verizon email account on your smartphone to simply login to the same whenever and wherever you feel like accessing your Verizon email account.

However, if you want to log in to your Verizon email account from your PC then, consider these following steps to access your Verizon email account:

Access your Verizon Email Account via PC!

  • In this case, to begin with, the login process of accessing your Verizon mail account from your PC, launch your preferred web browser on the same.
  • Then, paste either the ‘ login page’ link i.e., “” or the ‘Yahoo Mail login page’ link i.e., “” in the search bar of your browser.
  • Hit the ‘Enter’ button to reach the aforementioned web address and there, enter the following details in the required text-fields:
    • Your Username/ Email/ Mobile Number &
    • Your Password of Verizon Email Account.
  • And, once you’re done entering the login credentials of your Verizon account, click on the ‘Sign-in’ button to reach onto the inbox page of your Verizon email account.

That’s it! This way you can access your Verizon account using these two above-mentioned ways. However, not always because of time and again, complaints about ‘Verizon account got hacked’ issues have been registered. So, considering the same, we’ve also mentioned the steps of how you can reset your Verizon email account’s password in case of a hacked Verizon account. 

Note: You can use the below-mentioned steps not only in situations when your suspect that your Verizon account gets compromised; but, also when you encounter Verizon email login issues due to the factors like a forgotten password. 

Reset Verizon Email Account Password!

  • Start the reset Verizon email account password, navigate to the ‘Verizon Email Login Page’ using this “” link.
  • Once there, click on the ‘Forgot Info’ option to further reach on to this “” link.
  • There, all you have to do is enter your Verizon user id or your Verizon email address along with the zip code.
  • Then, click on the ‘Continue’ button and follow the on-screen available instructions correctly.
  • After doing so, you’ll be provided with a ‘Temporary Password’ on your registered mobile number via SMS or call.
  • Now, enter the received temporary password in the required text field and once you enter the same, you’ll be asked to enter a new and strong password for your Verizon email account.
  • In the end, click on the ‘Finish’ option to end this password reset process and go back to the ‘AOL or Yahoo’ login page to access your Verizon email account via the above-mentioned simple login steps.


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That’s all! This is the end of the complete guide that contains not only the simple steps of how you can log in to your email account but, also the steps of how you can recover your hacked Verizon email account easily. 

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Financial life tests your patience, skills, and strategies all the time. It does not mean that it takes your test only when you have unstable finances, but also when you are doing well.

Suppose you are earning monthly income, and it is sufficient enough to manage regular expenses. It is good, but does your income have the capacity to manage unplanned expenses? Can you manage your financial emergencies with that limited income?

Or course, many questions are there, and you have to find out the answers as well.

The same sort of discussion becomes more critical when you have multiple debts to clear. It has been a common problem for most people, as they know where to spend but are not confident about paying. They use their credit cards to shop for everything, but they struggle to look for funds when the bill comes.

Nevertheless, the solution is there to manage the pending dues, and we are talking about debt consolidation loan in the UK. It is indeed a helpful tool to have balanced finance with no burden at all.

Many lenders are providing loans on various features. You can search out the most suitable one and gain the loan benefits.

Before coming on to the habits of managing debts at a time, let us discuss first debt consolidation loans. We are doing this because it is a valuable funding tool, and we should discuss this at the top.

Why is a Debt Consolidation Loan to Manage Multiple Debts?

Loans are meant for the solution, and debt consolidation loans are there to solve your debt issues. If you have many debts to clear, you cannot have a smooth sleep at night and a calm mind throughout the day.

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The reason is obvious: first, you have many pending payments, and second, you have to pay late payment charges or interest rates. Now, you have dual responsibilities of managing planned expenses and paying these dues with only one income coming to your bank account.

Such things will hamper the progress of your financial life. In this situation, a debt consolidation loan works as the treatment for your financial unhealthiness.

These loans are accessible online with not much documentation to follow. With these loans, you borrow a sufficient amount that can merge all your dues. You can pay each debt with the borrowed sum and pay only one interest rate instead of many.

With having such loan assistance, you can quickly pay all the dues and live a much-balanced financial life.

Pure Habits to Handle Multiple Debts at one Time

If you have the aspirations of running a smooth financial life where there is no intervention of any problem, then you may be aspiring more than needed.

Every individual has some sort of financial problem, and pending debts are indeed one of them. You either must be good in your financial habits or rely heavily on the loans, which we have mentioned above.

Here in this part of our blog, we will highlight the financial habits to control your multiple debts at one time.

  • Make a habit of being satisfied

Satisfaction is one such good habit that prevents you from making over expenditures. Some financial experts may oppose this, but it is better to be satisfied when you have multiple debts.

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For instance, when you have a small car according to your family size, there is no need to think of purchasing a bigger car. You can do this later, but your current purpose is to remove all the pending debts.

There are many more examples as such in our financial life where it is good to be satisfied.

  • Hold on shopping for at least the next two months

The next level of satisfaction is to stop yourself from shopping for at least the next two months. You can do this around Christmas but not now.

You may say that I am not so practical while writing this point in the blog. But, I am sure that this will help you a lot. If your kids are mature enough to understand things, you can educate them on savings and spending.

If your family does not go shopping for some time, it won’t make any significant impact on your life.

  • Go for specific loan options instead of general ones

Many people make mistakes by opting for standard loan options like personal loans or payday loans to consolidate their debts. It is a wrong practice because you are only increasing the unnecessary burden to your already struggling finances.

Most standard loan options have higher interest rates, and they may be higher than your combined rates of pending debts. Instead, if you opt for specialized loan options, then you get competitive interest rates.

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For instance, if you have multiple debts to clear and a bad credit score is already there, you should go for debt consolidation loans for bad credit from a direct lender. You may receive loan terms as per your affordability.

  • Continue with your present job

Here again, the first habit of being satisfied applies. When you are doing a job where you are doing comfortable work, there is no need to switch over the job when debts are pending to be cleared.

It becomes more dangerous when you leave a job without finding out the new one. The gap from one job to another suddenly stops the regular cash flow. In such a scenario, you cannot relax because of the pending debt issue.

Therefore, try not to change the employment once all the debts get clearance from your end.

  • Know your limitations

Last but not least. You should have a clear understanding of your financial limitations. It is more important when you are earning small like through part-time income or medium or large. Nothing can be complicated than going beyond the limitations.

You have many debts because of your own mistakes or due to circumstances. If situations were against you, then it is okay. Otherwise, it would be better for you not to repeat those mistakes.

In a nutshell, all I can say is that having multiple debts is not suitable for your finances. If you have a few goods or changed habits, you can manage your present debts well. Nevertheless, ways are there, and you only have to recognize them.

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