Sialkot Incident Video Sri Lankan Factory Worker Tortured to Death Who Was Priyantha Kuumara?

Another day another controversy is reported from Sialkot, which made everyone frightened because no one had assumed that cruelty will hit such an extent up to the next level. Because A Sri Lankan Export manager was wounded to his sudden passing and then his body was destroyed by the mob in Pakistan’s Sialkot. As soon as the news is catching the heat netizens are demanding justice and requesting to the concerned force to take those defaulters into custody whose involvement was spotted in the incident. Recently a statement has been made by the Cheif Minister of Punjab (Pakistan) “Usman Buzdar”.

Sialkot Incident Video Sri Lankan Factory Worker

As per the exclusive reports, Usman Buzdar describes the incident as too frightening that was inappropriate enough. Later, the concerned department surrounded the entire area to manage the situation so that, hubbub could have under their control as the environment of terror made everyone scared. Lately, a video regarding the incident took place on social media in which, you can see the situation that how intensified the terror was. Besides this, everyone is mourning his death and praying for his family as well so that, they can overcome it, and the incident could not affect them at all.

It is being reported, that Rao Sardar Ali Khan the IG of Punjab Police has issued the statement of the incident. The accident occurred near Wazirabad Road in Sialkot, where some workers of the factory had attacked the export Manager and burnt his entire body after becoming the witness of his unexpected demise. The concerned department has recognized the man as Priyantha Kuumara who belonged to Sri Lanka. He was only 40-years-old, the protest against him was going on for a long, and when they got the chance they execute the heinous crime and lead to their unexpected demise.

If the exclusive reports are to be considered, So Prime Minister of Pakistan “Imran Khan” has said that incident was a “Terrific Vigilante Attack” and assured that the defaulter will definitely take into custody by the concerned department. Further, he mentioned that “No one assumed that protestors will lead someone’s death, which is shameful enough”. Ever since the video surfaced on the Internet several reactions have come to the fore, everyone is slamming those who became the cause of ruckus without any reason. Similar incidents have also occurred at the same place in 2010 as well, but at the time, police took appropriate actions to manage the situation.

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