Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi Twitter Leaked audio clips viral on social media

LISTEN: Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi Twitter Leaked audio clips viral on social media: The drama of Sizwe is constantly making headlines and one after another many altercations are added in this drama. On Friday, 26th November popular Radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo l3ak3d the 2nd round of audio clips, from his altercations with Unathi Nkayi on Twitter. In this blog, we are covering the details of this case along with the l3ak3d audio clips. Sizwe Dhlomo topped the Twitter trends list on Friday, 26th November when he l3ak3d audio clips of his argument with Unathi Nkayi. The matter followed after Unathi shared a video where she explained the entire matter. Follow More Update On GalantHub

Unathi And Sizwe

Sizwe Dhlomo Twitter Leaked audio: LISTEN

In the l3ak3d emails, Unathi asserted that Sizwe swore at her and was highly aggressive towards her after she pointed out he was late. She called his behavior “abusive”. Unathi made a Tweet in which he wrote, “Okay, now that out of the way. This is what Unathi blamed me for. I did not know the information of her accusatory copied me on her response, not realizing that I would then attain a copy of the entire chain,”

After that, he shared his version of the matter that he reported to Human Resources (HR). After looking at this, Sizwe shared the email where he requested HR obtain the audio clips of the arguments.

Leaked Audio Clips Between Unathi And Sizwe 

Sizwe then l3ak3d the audio clips of the arguments. In the l3ak3d audio clips, Unathi is quite upset with Sizwe for being late… but she is complaining about “4 minutes”. The radio personality went on to say that he has more proof for when the time is right.

Video Shared By Unathi Where She Narrated The Matter

“Idols SA” judge Unathi Nkayi has finally broken her silence on the altercation she got into with radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo at Kaya FM.

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