Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Viral Video Leaked In Networks

WATCH: Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Viral Video Leaked In Networks: There is a video which has been posted by Kylie Jenner on her Instagram post, she posted a video of an ambulance that was traveling to the concert at Astroworld while she was transporting a body in a medical vehicle, the woman had a problem, it seems like there is a lot of backlash among the masses over the video and people seem to be discussing the video on the social media sites. Follow More Update On

Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Video

This is a  follow up to the story which has happened at the concert of Travis Scott, There are speculations and rumors which are being stated on the internet, we are here to make you aware that the artist is not dead, these are just a death hoax, there are about eight people who have been reported dead at his Astroworld concert and we are going to be explaining you as to what happened in the concert.


The confusion about his death began when it was being stated that there are several people who have died in his concert, there is not much known about the incident, the fatal accident has taken place at the Astroworld concert in Houston. Travis Scott is very much alive but several people have died in his concert.

Eight People Died In The Incident

Due to the scenario, it is being speculated on the internet that the artist is dead but this is not the truth, there have been no official reports which have come out about the incident as of this point in time. It is said that there are more than 100 people who have bought fake tickets, this has further increased the number of attendees at the concert.

Travis Scott Arrest

It seems like the public are furious as to what has happened and they are calling out the artist, they’re stating that this was his concert so they should have had better arrangements when they knew it is going to be jam-packed, there are tweets all over the internet about arresting Travis Scott, it seems like the investigations are going on as of this point in time. He is surely going to be questioned by the authorities, there are going to be further revelations afterward if the police are not going to be convinced then it is going to be presented in the court, let’s see what stirs up in the coming days and weeks.

It seems like the couple is under a lot of scrutinies, it isn’t that difficult to come out with a statement saying “sorry” to the audiences who have given you so much love, at the end of the Travis Scott is an artist if he can’t even face his own audiences and own up for the mistakes, he will keep on saying that he is not responsible for this because his lawyers have told him so and this is the sad truth.

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