VIDEO: Boycott in the air as Pierre Poilievre gave speech to passengers with a mic on Westjet plane

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Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Boycott in the air as Pierre Poilievre gave speech to passengers on Westjet plane.

Videos of it were posted on social media feeds Monday, resulting in both support for the opposition party leader and questions about whether it was appropriate for a party leader to speak on a public flight, as the flight was not a charter exclusively for Conservative Party supporters.

A WestJet spokesperson, replying to an email from CTV News, said that while it was a public flight, it was actually added in order to accommodate delegates flying to the Conservative Party convention in Quebec City.

“Canada’s next prime minister travels home from Quebec on a commercial flight with his fellow Canadian citizens,” posted Glenda McFarlane on X. 

“It’s not every day you get a speech like this on a plane,” added Jennifer Elle. 

Of course, this was mostly symbolic. WestJet added this flight for delegates to get to and from the convention.  

And like his speech Friday night at the Conservative Party convention, he achieved successful liftoff. 

“This is your captain warning of a little bit of turbulence,” Poilievre joked, then teasing, “It will only last about two years, at which time we will have a totally new crew and pilot in charge of the plane, will pierce through the clouds safely (and) land in our home, the country we know and love, your home, our home, let’s bring it home.” Needless to say, the packed plane cheered like they had been offered free champagne. 

What Poilievre was offering was affordability. 

“Who is ready for a home you can afford? Who’s ready for some common sense? Who is ready to give a big thank you to the WestJet pilots and crew?” 


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