VIDEO: Twitter community note confirms that The Mexican Alien being revealed as cake is FAKE NEWS

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Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Twitter community confirms that The Mexican Alien being revealed as cake is FAKE NEWS.

Social media users are convinced that the corpses of the supposed aliens shown in Mexican Congress were nothing but an exceptionally well-created edible cake!

A video posted to Pubity’s X account is made to look like a clip shown on live television with the headline: ‘Alien’ revealed as cake.

The cake looks exactly like the supposed alien bodies we saw during the UFO briefing. The hand holding a knife cuts through the head of the alien at ease as the video proceeds to show the different layers of the dessert to prove it to be an actual cake.

The internet is having a field day with the bodies allegedly belonging to ancient aliens. Recently, a video including an extra-terrestrial entity lying down went viral across social media platforms. It was alleged that the lanky creatures were found in Mexico. A video of its face being cut with a knife has since made it online. It can now be confirmed that the supposed non-human entity is actually a cake in reality.

Pictures and videos of the lanky alien lying down have spread across Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter). Social media page Pubity and Daily Loud ensured that pictures of the same spread like wildfire online.

X notified their users with a community note that revealed that the mummified alien is actually a cake. They revealed:

“This is a recreation of the “alien corpses” made into a cake. This was done by @The_Bakeking.”

On 15 September, the aforementioned X user shared a video that showed the mummified figure being sliced open with a knife. One could see what seems to be chocolate frosting as the creature’s face was sliced open.

The text below the visual reads: “Suspected Alien corpse turns out to be a Cake”.

The clip has since gone viral on the Elon Musk platform, accumulating over 2.3 million views. Despite the striking resemblance the cake shares with the specimen displayed during the UAP briefing, it’s safe to say the clip is meant as a joke and it’s not to be taken seriously!


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