Who Is Christy Giles? Model Found Dead Outside Hospital In LA Cause Of Death Husband

The quite shocking news is reported from LA (Los Angeles) which made everyone shocked especially the die-hard admirers of Christy Giles. Yes, you heard right, the famous actress, model Christy Giles has been passed away at the age of 24 due to an overdose of drugs. Ever since the news took place on social media, a wave of great sorrow surrounded everyone because no one had expected that she will leave the world at such young age. Hence everyone is paying tribute to her as well while, sharing heartfelt messages on social media, get to know more check the details below.

Who Was Christy Giles? Model Found Dead Outside Hospital In LA Cause Of Death Husband

According to the sources, She was found outside a Los Angeles Medical Center in suspicious condition at the weekend, and during the investigating, it has been revealed that overdose of the drugs became the cause of her unexpected demise. Even her close ones are accusing a group of Masked Men of the crime, several statements are being made by them, because they are going through a shock and seeking justice for her no matter what happens. But hitherto, the concerned department did not share the further details because of which, more could come in front of her admirers.

Who is Christy Giles?

According to the reports, 24-years-old Christy Giles was a popular model and actress who had appeared in several commercials and projects. She was found dead on 13th November 2021 in a suspicious way because of which, the investigation is remaining ahead. She did not share many details about her personal stuff, because she loved to keep her life personal and therefore she did not reveal many things about her and her family. But our team is looking forward to getting more about her so that, we can make her admirers acquainted with some pieces crucial details about her.

It is the sources are to be considered, so a friend called Hilda Marcela also got admitted to the hospital two hours later and remains in critical care. Christy’s husband has shared his deep feelings towards his spouse by sharing the post on Instagram that ” He could not believe what had happened and that she was taken from him, how could this world be so cruel and how could the people be so evil”. Further, he described Giles that she was an incredible human, and losing her is more painful for him, that no one can even imagine. We will also pray may her soul rest in peace  (RIP).

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