Who Is Fawn Mckay? Photos And Videos Leaked Onlyf

You must have heard about nurse Fawn McKay getting fired after she was caught having an OnlyF account. It’s no doubt that the platform has become a popular tool for getting some extra money and thus it is witnessing a huge increase in users. But seems like the nurse got in trouble for her appearance on that platform only. Ever since the news surfaced online, McKay has become a trending topic. Netizens are discussing the young lady and are curious to find out more about her and the entire matter. Check details about her here.

The confirmation of the surprising news was given by Fawn McKay herself. She took to Twitter to share an article where it was written that the nurse has been fired after her video with one of her patients went viral. The nurse shared the article on her Twitter account and wrote that this was not how she had imagined her year to go. The article also seems like a screenshot of a text conversation. Her mother seemed to have sent her the screenshot about the news of her being fired from her workplace after she was found to be associated with the mentioned platform.

However, the nurse came to the front and cleared that her patient had been tested negative for the virus before they got close. She asked the general public not to keep asking her for the video. The young lady also expressed her sadness after her mother found about her being an OnlyF creator. After McKay tweet went viral, another creator of the same platform named Rachel Rain also jumped on the trend and shared a screenshot on Twitter which was almost identical to Fawn’s tweet as it also featured her mother sending her an article too.

However, all the above-mentioned tweets and screenshots have been deleted by the users only. various sites had also asked the general public to confirm if those posts were legit or not. Whatever be the reason, it is no doubt that the nurse Fawn McKay got huge popularity and attention over that viral tweet. People have been talking about the nurse. Although not much information is available online, it has come forward that Fawn is a 22-year-old nurse from Florida. She had shared those tweets on 22nd and 23rd April. The tweet had gotten viral and has garnered around 5K likes with plenty of comments. Follow for more updates!

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