Who Is Giovanni Reumante, Why was Giovanni Reumante Arrested? Charges Explained

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Who Is Giovanni Reumante, Why was Giovanni Reumante Arrested? Charges Explained!: A man native of Takoma Park, named Giovanni Reumante has been accused of a molestation case. Giovanni Reumante is known for his track coach profession. This story developed in a school named Northwood High School located at Silver Spring, Rockville, Maryland. Molestation news uproar when Giovanni Reumante was detained on Tuesday. But what was actually happened there? and what is the reality?, is Giovanni Reumante really guilty in this case? to know all answers to the questions stay connected with this page and read the full article we will tell give a full report below. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

Giovanni Reumante

Why was Giovanni Reumante Arrested?

Giovanni Reumante is accused of child s3x assault. Thus the news of Giovanni Reumante’s arrest came on Tuesday when he was returning from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Washington Dulles International Airport. Due to his respectful image and background, everyone was quite shocked after listening to the news. Giovanni Reumante is a track and field coach at Northwood High School and is also designated as assistant security in the school. He was one of the most dedicated staff of the school who worked hard every time to take the school’s sport to the next level.

Who Is Giovanni Reumante?

Before his coaching career in the Northwood High School, he did his learning in the same school in his childhood. He was the first person who joined the school’s track team in the year 2005. Later he also became a member of the cross country team in the next year 2006. During his schooling years, he won the eight hundred meter at the State Meet when he was a senior in the school. But unfortunately, his school could not grab the title in spite of Giovanni Reumante’s superb performance. After some years passed Giovanni Reumante came back to his school but this time to serve his school in the sports coaching profession.

After his graduation, he also attended Morgan State University in Baltimore. When he joined his school back as a field and track coach he became a popular staff in the school for his coaching. As of now, Giovanni Reumante is 31 years old man sources confirmed. He went on a trip to the Dominican Republic for refreshment and U.S. Customs and Border Protection also known as CBP detained him from Dulles for being charged with child s3x assault and molestation. Now reports says that he is handed over to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority for further legal proceedings

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