Who Is Jessica Covington? All About Pregnant Women Shot Dead In Philadelphia

Who Is Jessica Covington? Age, Husband, Photos, and more, All About Pregnant Women Shot Dead In Philadelphia: On Saturday, 20th November 2021, a pregnant woman was shot and this incident has happened in Philadelphia. Jessica Covington (32-years-old) was seven months pregnant and both she and her unborn infant did not survive the attack. The incident shocked and horrified the whole Philly state and struck hard to the whole nation amassing the merciless assassinating. The Philadelphia police department has also commented on the present trend of rising cases of motives assassinating and random attacks. The manslaughter rate has indeed culminated in the past years, with 497 reported cases just in the year 2021. This single value refers to a 13% rise in criminal activities to the relatively passive 2020 year. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jessica Covington

Who Is Jessica Covington?

Jessica Covington was a 32-years-old carrying a seven months infant in her womb when she was shot lethally on Saturday night at around 08:30 PM. The merciless assassinating has happened when Jessica was unloading her bay shower presents from her car outside of her residence home in Philadelphia. The murder targeted her baby bump allegedly with 11 aimed shots deliberately shooter at her unborn child.

The shooting has happened at the 6100 block of Palmetto near Philly residence when Jessica was attacked by the shooter more than 10 times. Neither she nor her unborn infant survived the ill fate and succumbed to their respective demise at the spot of the attack. The bullet shots were shot from 40 caliber shell casings, and the attack was alleged “domestic” in nature by the investigating direct team.

After the tragic attack, balloons were flown in honor of the departing souls by the residence of Lawncrest. Whilst no initial apprehend has been made on the case, the authority has posted a $50000 award for anyone who would undisclosed and willingly provide them with a lead of some sort.

Jessica Covington Husband: Information Of The Partner Disclosed

The involved authority has revealed no initial information on the husband of Jessica as of now. The family statement is still to follow the horrifying details of the brutal attack. It has been initially believed that Jessica was tied to the wedding knot for over a year now. She was believed to have attended the baby shower arranged by her relatives and friends and after that event, she left the place to leave her mother. Then she came back to her place in Palmetto, where she was assassinated while unloading her presents. The way the killer targeted her lower abdomen and fired at it 11 times shows the cruelty of the attackers.

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