Who Is John Simpkins, Why was Tampa Police Officer John Simpkins Arrested? Charges Explained!

Who Is John Simpkins, Why was Tampa Police Officer John Simpkins Arrested? Charges Explained!: A police officer is currently facing charges over domestic violence which lends him jail. John Simpkins has been charged with a battery charge as he physically assaulted a person. Though the information regarding how serious wounds the victim has still needed to be disclosed. It can be expected that more information will come forward as the investigation goes into more deep of the crime. Still, the cops have not answered the reason behind John’s assaulting a person. Let’s have a closer look at the matter. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

John Simpkins

John Simpkins Arrested

John Simpkins is a police officer working in the Tampa Police Department. He has been taken under custody by the police department for his engagement in domestic violence. On Thursday, 23rd December 2021, John committed the assault. He was off duty when the crime occurred. After the report was submitted against him, he was taken custody on Monday at 11:00 AM.

The cops still need to disclose the victim. There has been an enigma enclosed the sufferer. So far, in public, nobody knows who got assaulted by the off-duty police officer and about the seriousness of the wound.

Who is John Simpkins?

The age of John Simpkins is around his 30s. An accurate age of John is not publicly informed, but he is likely in his 30s. John is presently on administrative leave due to his battery charge. John is taken in custody, and no update has been given after that, so it can be assumed that he is fine over there and possibly meeting his lawyer who can get him out.

Since it is Domestic violence, it can be assumed that he assaulted someone from his family. In several domestic violence cases, the wife is assaulted, so the victim of John is likely his wife.

John Simpkins joined the Tampa Police Department in the year 2008, so it can be stated that he has given more than 10 years to the police department. Unexpectedly, such a trained individual and person responsible for managing the peace of the society got engaged in violence. The battery case of John has putten his whole career under a microscope; now, people are suspicious about his behaviors was like what he was on his duty.

Jail Conviction Of John Simpkins

A court will decide an appropriate and accurate prison conviction for John Simpkins if proven guilty. Though evaluating precedence, it can be speculated that he is likely to get 1-year incarceration, a $1000 fine, or 1-year probation. Though this is something decided by a jury and a judge, so there is a chance of some leniency.

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