Who is Michelle Odinet? Why White Louisiana Judge Video Getting Viral

Michelle Odinet

Recently, a case is reported from Louisiana which is remaining the subject of hot discussion among everyone, as a video of a White, Louisiana judge is getting viral on social media in which she is appearing while using such racial stuff. Since the people got acquainted with her unintentional exploit their shocking reaction is coming to the fore because no one wants to see someone while using such racial stuff because it is inappropriate enough. Later, she issued a statement as well because the case was catching the heat up to the extent, so below you can check the comprehensive details.

Michelle Odinet

According to the reports, the judge gave her statement that she did not even remember that at what kind of racial stuff she used when the video was recorded, and as far as she has concerned she used sedatives or nothing else, this is what she said via statement. Besides this, the judge has resigned a week after a video occurred of her using the N-word and compared the suspect robber to a roach, whoever heard the incident that immense reaction is arriving as everyone has their different perspective on the incident.

Who is Michelle Odinet?

It is being reported, that the white Louisiana Judge is identified as Michelle Odinet whose resignation took place a few weeks ahead of the case from the Court of Lafayette City Court. In the statement, she said that “Full responsibility for the hurtful words” which took the heat up to the extent and became the cause of heavy backlash. The video was shot by the camera of her phone which got viral later and created the sensation along with the buzz, as almost everyone is unleashing their deep perspectives on the case. But she has apologized for the words if she hurt someone unintentionally.

If further reports are to be considered, so John Edwards who is a Louisiana Gov, called on Odinet for resignation from the post included the mayor of Lafayette and a state senator. The viral video is getting the criticism up to the extent, because nowadays if someone uses racial stuff so it could be punishable enough, as she is getting for the thing which she made recently no matter she did all this intentionally or unintentionally. But using racial stuff is inappropriate enough and punishable as well, so this is the reason case is remaining the hit potato on social networking sites.

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