Who Is Patty Breton Cornwall? Woman Slapping Passenger in Delta Flight Tirade Video

Once again, Delta Flights is remaining the hot potato among the people as the new controversy occurred during the flight from Tampa to Atlanta. Where a crazy women passenger created a ruckus in the flight while punching, spitting, and throwing hot water on the fellow passenger. The video of the incident is getting viral on social media rapidly and being watched by many people, as soon as getting acquainted with the reason behind the incident their immense reactions are coming out, as everyone is demanding action against her as she created a scene in the aircraft.

Patty Breton Cornwall slapping video

According to the reports, later the crazed woman has been arrested by the FBI and taken into custody as she created ruckus due to her immature or inappropriate behaviour. She slapped a fellow passenger in such a manner that was shocking enough, the flight was going from Tampa to Atlanta. As soon as the concerned department came to know the news they immediately took place among the culprit and stop them while making them separate from each other. Then the FBI took her into custody in such a manner and made the atmosphere normal.

It is being reported, that later the concerned department identified the culprit as Patrica Cornwall under the section of creating mess during the flight, which having mayhem with someone which was inappropriate. The incident took place on Thursday when the abroad flight 2790 was about to reach the destination. This is what is said by the Atlanta Police through the statement, the person who got attacked by the crazed woman was immediately sent for treatment as she threw hot water and other things on the victim, which became the major injury cause. Along with the victim, she threw things on the Delta employees as well.

The video of the incident is surfacing on the internet sites where she is clearly appearing while doing such an inappropriate action with other flight fellows. Even she passed some derogatory remarks to the passengers while abusing them, that was not fair in public where you are not alone plenty of people are sitting with you. But the incident took the heat when she slapped a fellow passenger and did some inappropriate actions. Hitherto, she did not make any statement on the incident, but the interrogation is going on by the concerned department, so when something will come related to this we will make you familiar.

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