Who Is Rene Ayarde? Killed Staten Island Man I Touch Little Girls’ on Chest Is Charged With Murder

A surprising piece of news is coming forward where a live-in health aide Rene Ayarde has been arrested and charged with murdering an 80-year-old. Yes, as shocking as it seems, it is the truth. The woman worker beat his aged patient to death in his Tompkinsville home. The incident happened four months ago and now has gotten back in the headlines. Brooke Baranoski, Assistant District Attorney, said at the defendant’s arraignment in state Supreme Court, St. George, that on July 19, Rene Ayarde caused significant trauma to the said patient’s head and torso.

Rene Ayarde

The District Attorney further added that Rene Ayarde inflicted trauma to Robert Raynor’s head and torso that resulted in fractures of the sternum, nose, and cranial bleeding. Baranoski added that the patient was in failing health and was battling cancer. It was also stated that Ayarde was arrested on November 12 by Regional Task Force. Besides, a warrant was also issued when the grand jury handed up the murder accusation against her. The woman who has turned 29 on Tuesday has been deported to New York to face the charges.

Authorities have said that the 80-year-old patient was found shirtless and face up in the first-floor hallway of the multifamily building at 256 Corson St. Baranoski stated that when they found the body of Raynor, words like “I take dolls into my room” and “I touch little girls” were written on his bare chest. However, the prosecutors have not alleged any inappropriate actions on the deceased’s part and that he is not listed in the state’s s*x offender registry.

Defending her father, the victim’s daughter Carolyn Whetstone said that her father would not touch a child and would never violate anyone as well. The brutal murder took place around 4 AM. After the interrogation, it was disclosed by a neighbour that a home health care worker was living with Raynor along with two female adults and two children for a couple of years at the residence. She described the 80-year-old as an extremely sick man who always roamed around with an oxygen tank.

Another neighbour revealed that she thought that Raynor knew that woman and thus was living with her. Hours before Raynor’s lifeless body was recovered, neighbours heard “bumping and fighting” for an hour coming from his apartment. Now, Rene Ayarde has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder and another count of second-degree assault and first-degree manslaughter. The next court date for the hearing is December 21.

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