Who is Sativa Transue Boyfriend Taylor Allen? Sativa Found Dead At Hotel Room

A 31-year-old man identified as Taylor Allen has been arrested by Washington police in connection with a murder. It is reported that the man murdered his girlfriend named Sativa Transue and now the area’s police have detained him under murder charges. Well, before murdering Transue, the man reportedly beat her “to a bloody pulp” on November 26. The couple was assumed to be drunk at the time of the incident as they got into an ugly drunken argument. Initially, he was detained by Mexican police but somehow he managed to go back to the US where he was arrested by Mexican police.

Sativa Transue Boyfriend Taylor Allen

However, details about the incident have not been made available by the police department yet. Though it is confirmed that the pair was drunk that day and after getting intoxicated, they ended up getting into an argument with one another at the All Ritmo Resort. Soon, what started as a verbal argument turned quite violent. During the fight, Allen even frightened Sativa to jump from the balcony of the hotel’s room. Later, their fight turned physical and Sativa Transue ended up being beaten to death. In the afternoon, the authorities discovered Transue’s body.

As of now, it is unclear how did Taylor Allen manage to return to the US. Besides, it has also not come to light if the man was charged after he got arrested in Cancun. It does appear that Allen has had a history of such incidents. Well, talking about who is Taylor Allen, the 31-year-old was in a relationship with Sativa Transue for more than three years. His profession is not known as of now since his Facebook or LinkedIn profile is not revealed. The only thing which is known about him is that he was arrested in 2012 for fourth-degree assault.

Besides, it is also reported that Allen was reportedly involved in a car accident in March 2016. However, it can also be said that he worked in construction as his Instagram account display plenty of photographs of him with hashtags like #worklife and #work. As he murdered while being heavily drunk, it shows that he was fond of drinking. The sister of Traunsue named Mykayla revealed to The Daily Beast that Allen drinks a lot and that her sister used to call him her beast. Now, Sativa Transue’s murder has shaken her sister and all the people she was close with. Her lifeless body was found on Nov 26 by a maid in Cancun after which Taylor Allen was arrested for murder charges.

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