Who is Sophie Long, 10-year-old found alive, Father in police custody

Missing: Who is Sophie Long, 10-year-old found alive, Father in police custody: A 10-year-old cute little, innocent girl, Sophie Long is missing. This news of her missing is making the news headlines and also scattered all over the social media platforms. Her family is so disheartened and they are kept on prying to meet their daughter again. They registered the FIR of her missing and the officials are also giving their best to find her out as soon as possible. When she was declared missing? From how many days she is missing? Who are her parents? From where she was missing? All the answers to these questions are unveiled in the article below to continue with the blog. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

Sophie Long

Who is Sophie Long?

Sophie is a Texas native and she was making. Thus the police of the Collin County Sheriff in McKinney is given a statement on December 11 and also confirmed that the girl was located after she was missing this year. So either is good news that she is found by the officials and they take over her to her parents. Her parents are now taking a breath of relaxation as their daughter is with them now. So now she is in the custody of her mother as her other father took her away to the unknown country as there was a fight between her parents and this is why her father took her along with him.

He took his daughter with him to Argentina or might in Mexico.

Here are the statements released by the Collin County Sheriff, “Michael Long is now in a custody as per the felony warrant in the interference with child custody.’

Then Collin County Sheriff’s Jim further stated that “After several months of their efforts the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S Marshals are paying off to this morning. At last, we are happy that the girl is safe and under her mother’s custody now.”

Why did Micahel Long take his daughter away?

As this cute little girl was facing  se*uall harassment from the new partner of her mother and she told about it Micahel. Thus he took her away from there.

After this there was a video in which we can see that she is was screaming not to take her back to her mother’s house. But the new partner of Micahel revealed that “he isn’t mentally stable.”

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