Who Was Clayton Cope? Amazon Worker Killed In Illinois Tornado While Warning Others

Recently, Illinois became the witness of a tragic incident that became the cause of many unexpecting passing, as a massive tornado surrounded the entire city and created a ruckus. Some reports are claiming that an Amazon worker who was trying to save others has passed away, who is later identified as Clayton Cope. As soon as the news caught the heat everyone started paying tribute to him, because his bravery will be remembered always in the heart of everyone, as he martyred while saving other lives. So below you can check some crucial details behind his career or incident.

Who Was Clayton Cope? Amazon Worker Died In Illinois Tornado While Warning Others

According to the reports, on 10th December 2021 forecast department has issued a high alert in the city as the situation was out of control due to heavy wind spread, later which took the face of a lethal tornado, and devastated the entire area even heavy house damage is reported from the same place. Before passing, the deceased had made everyone aware to not come outside from their house as a tornado is coming towards their province, but as soon as the wind spread got furious, the entire roof of a house fell down on him spontaneously.

Who Was Clayton Cope?

29-years-old Clayton Cope was an Amazon delivery boy who used to deliver parcels for a long he was working with the same organizations, and this is the reason his co-workers are mourning his sudden passing. Many achievements have been registered on his name, as he got the victory to take over the global war on terrorism expeditionary along with the national defense service medal. His mother said, that he commenced his journey through Amazon where worked as a Maintenance Mechanic and delivery by as well at the time of employee shortage because he always considered that no work is small.

It is being reported, that his mother shared a statement in which she mentioned that “At the time of tornado he was the one who made everyone aware from the lethal activities, even he was sent her inside under the shed, and as soon as he tries to come a roof fell down on him spontaneously and became the cause of his departure. Many people have lost their lives due to natural disasters along with Martyrs who did not care for their life while saving others, our deepest condolence to those families who lost their close ones (RIP).

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