Who Was Devid R? Man Kills Wife, 3 Girls And Himself Fearing Jail For Faking Covid Pass

A shocking incident took place in Germany where a man killed his entire family and committed suicide. It is being said that the man was afraid of being imprisoned as he committed a critical crime and feared getting identified by authorities. The 40 years old man living in the town of Koenigs Wusterhausen in Germany shot his entire family including his wife named Linda and three children including Leni, Janni, and Rubi. Later, he shot himself with the same gun. The Police authority has filed this as a murder-suicide case. Get more information on who was Devid R committed suicide.

Who Was Devid R? Man Kills Wife, 3 Girls And Himself Fearing Jail For Faking Covid Pass

According to the reports, Devid R was alleged for faking a covid pass mentioned in the suicide note he wrote before taking the life of his children and himself. The suicide note reads the prominent reason for this misfortune that stated he is afraid of detaining, he accepted that he created a fake vaccine certificate for his wife. The state has stern the rule after discovering the Omricon variant of the virus across Germany to prevent the fourth wave. The government has tightened the restrictions all over the country.

Who Was Devid R?

In addition to this according to the new law of the country wherein making a fake vaccine certificate would be considered a criminal offence and the alleged person will be sentenced to jail at least for a year. The rule has been imposed on the entire country and the Devid was the one who committed the crime. The authority come with a statement that informed that he killed himself due to the fear of being sentenced and losing custody of his children. Devid R who was working at the TH Wildau University, the couple was afraid the being jailed for a year and would have lost their job and custody of children.

As we mentioned earlier that the couple was afraid of losing their job, being sentenced to jail, and losing custody of their children and to escape all this Devid came with this horrifying decision. The Police recovered the corpses of the entire family on 4 December 2021, along with the corpses Police also found a gun. However, it is still unclear whether it is the same gun used by Devid R. The authority denied the presence of an outsider at the time the incident happened. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide udates.

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