Who Was Edward Reeve? Man Murdered In Dorset Christchurch Teenager Arrested

Who Was Edward Reeve? Man Murdered In Dorset Christchurch Teenager Arrested

Recently, a piece of news came forward where a dead body of a man was discovered in Dorset. As the body was found in mysterious circumstances, the officers started their investigation in the case and soon it was found out that he was murdered. Now, the police department has identified the deceased man. According to the reports, the body belongs to a 35-year-old man named Edward Reeve. The officials have found Edward’s body in Christchurch on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Although the department has identified the man, they have been investigating the case further to find the culprit.

Who Was Edward Reeve? Man Murdered In Dorset Christchurch Teenager Arrested

As per reports, a 16-year-old boy has murdered Edward Reeve. On Friday, the cops stated that they have arrested a teenager on the suspicion of murdering the man. They also said that the boy was helping detectives with the investigation. Later, the police force detained the boy on the same day. However, they are still urging anyone who witnessed anything suspicious in Heath Road on Christchurch to come forward and contact them so that they can inch further to catch the murderer.

What Happened With Edward Reeve?

Simon Huxter who is the detective inspector of the crime investigation team has stated that they are supporting Edward Reeve’s family and trying to keep them updated with all the latest updates of the ongoing investigation. He also appealed to the general public to help the department by informing them anything they know about Edward or the murder as it could help them assist their investigation. Besides, CCTV footage and clips of the area where the murder happened are also being thoroughly checked.

Police have asked to report any suspicious activity that the people have witnessed from January 1 to January 4. Talking about Edward Reeve, he was found dead at his residence in Christchurch. The incident happened on Tuesday evening which has been investigated currently. The cops stated that Edward’s body had serious injuries on his body which indicated the possibilities of his murder.

It has been coming forward that a boy around 16 has been arrested as the police suspect him of killing the 35-year-old man. However, the department has not disclosed the identity of the boy for legal reasons. The investigation is still in process and the cops are trying to gather all the shreds of evidence to find out if the teenager was behind the brutal murder or if it was someone else. We will update about the case after getting further information.

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