Who was Ernst Verduin and what was his cause of death? One of the last Dutch Auschwitz survivors dead

Who was Ernst Verduin and what was his cause of death? One of the last Dutch Auschwitz survivors dead: Ernst Verduin was a Jewish holocaust survivor who has died at the age of 94, people have been wondering what is his cause of death and we are here with the required information which you need to know about the man. Ernst Verduin was a Jewish holocaust survivor, he was one of the least Dutch survivors of the Auschwitz death camp. Sadly he has left everyone on 12th December 2021, Ernst survived not only Auschwitz even also a “death march” which ultimately directed to the Buchenwald concentration camp, at the age of 16, but he also ended up in line for the gas chamber in Auschwitz, he managed to work himself into the line of forced laborers. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

Ernst Verduin

Who was Ernst Verduin?

Ernst was just 18 years old when he was sent from Amsterdam to Westerbork before he was sent to Auschwitz in the month of September in the year 1943.

Ernst Verduin was a Jewish holocaust and the last survivor of the Auschwitz death camp, he has been repeatedly searched on the internet by many people as his death news has been getting circulated on the internet. When he arrived in Auschwitz, Ernst was in the gas chamber but then he somehow managed to leave the gas chamber group and he entered the group selected for slave labor.

He wasn’t the only one who changed from one group to another, he saw the most dreadful scene over there, prisoners were being taken to the gas chamber and he stated that he knew everyone single one of us is going to die, fortunately, Verduin only stayed there for some hours in Auschwitz and he was then transferred to Monowitz, he stayed there between 1943 to mid-January 1945.

It seems like, he was an experienced man who was carrying wisdom with him, he had seen so much in his life, he was someone who died very closely, you cannot say much about what he has gone through but it has to be said that these events which he has experienced in his life became the reason of his wisdom.

Ernst Verduin Death Cause

The 94-year-old Ernst Verduin’s official cause of death has not been stated as of yet, it seems like there has been no statement from the family or any of his close ones about what is the cause for his death, it is being assumed that he had died a natural and peaceful death as he was pretty old.

It is our humble request to the users, not to disturb the family of the deceased, they must be going through some rough times as of this point in time, it is better to provide them with personal and give them time to father their thoughts, people are providing tributes to the man on the internet.

He was full of wisdom and his words are going to be out there in the world, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, may his soul rest in peace.

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