Who was Grant Gilbertson and what was his cause of death? Sooke Car Accident Video Explained

Who was Grant Gilbertson and what was his cause of death? Sooke Car Accident Video Explained

Who was Grant Gilbertson and what was his cause of death? Sooke Car Accident Video Explained: The shocking news is heading straight from Langford in which an 18-year-old boy lost his life as he met a road accident. The terrifying accident happened around 6 p.m. on 3rd January near Humpback Road. Who is responsible for this incident? and what are the losses from this incident? all you will get to know in one place. Keep going down on the page word by word. We have covered all the before and after details related to this tragic accident. Follow More Update On ShinaWins

Grant Gilbertson

Who was Grant Gilbertson?

The boy who lost his life is identified as Grant Gilbertson, and he was 18 years old hockey player of Vancouver Island and he was the forward player of his team Vancouver Island of Junior Hockey League Club and unfortunately, he lost his life when he was en routing to practice for the game with Peninsula Panthers. The accident took place on the evening of Monday on Sooke Road. As the reports are saying that icy condition might be the reason behind this accident. When everybody comes to know that Grant Gilbertson has been passed away in an accident the whole hockey community remains stunned.

Grant Gilbertson Death Cause

According to media reports, Grant Gilbertson was gone dead on the spot when he succumbed to his menace injuries. Peninsula Panthers said that Grant Gilbertson was heading to his scheduled practice session at Panorama Rec Centre located in North Saanich. Peninsula Panthers owner said that I went to the rink for training about 5:30 pm and the lanes were completely okay but when I came into the parking mess at the Panorama I could witness that it looked really greasy. Zubersky who is the owner of Peninsula Panthers spoke that the accident news came when 20 minutes were left for the practice session and called it devastating.

Sooke Car Accident Video

Zubersky, the owner of the Panthers said that Gilbertson was considered by the team players that he was upper echelon forwards in the league and all his teammates are grieving from down the heart as all we lose a talented player and the teammates have decided to move on as the scheduled matches with the blessing of the clan because Gilbertson would also want same. And I understand in my soul that he would like his teammates to play. Panthers will take on The Wolves in Westshore on Wednesday night and followed by a Friday match against Victoria Cougars. There will be a ceremony in remembrance of Grant’s life which will start half an hour before the Friday match.


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