Who Was Jack Riebel? Influential Chef of ‘Butcher & the Boar’ Fame Cause Of Death

A saddening piece of news is coming to the front about the unfortunate passing of a renowned chef Jack Riebel. He died on Monday, Dec 6, and was just 55-year-old at the time of his sudden demise. Riebel’s full name was John Percy Riebel and at Lexington, he was the executive chef. The news of his untimely death has shaken all the people he worked with and had shared a wonderful time. Now, social media is witnessing a flood of emotional posts and messages as netizens are paying the chef sincere tributes.

Jack Riebel

Amidst all the condolences and tributes, people are also searching for Jack Riebel cause of death. Well, it is reported that the influential chef was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, neuroendocrine cancer, in June 2019. To add, this rare cancer has taken the lives of the popular singer Aretha Franklin in 2018 and Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, in 2011. Although it is not confirmed if Jack died of this cancer or if it was something else, Jason DeRusha, the late chef’s friend, shared on a GoFundMe page that was set up for Jack that in March 2021, the chef completed his second round of chemotherapy.

Who Was Jack Riebel?

Besides, it was also reported that Jack Riebel had around four treatments for this life-taking cancer last year. The chef’s friend, Jason DeRusha also took to Twitter to share an emotional post. He shared a picture with him and wrote that he had sat down with Riebel and had an emotional conversation about life, loss, and what one person learn when they walk with someone towards death three weeks before he died. Jason added that he will be sharing some part of their conversation @WCCO on December 8 at 10.

In another old post on the GoFundMe page, Jason had quoted that to fight cancer, rest is important and added that taking rest is quite hard as chefs don’t quit when they are tired but when they are done. Even though Riebel had left Lexington Restaurant Group LLC, he was still the co-owner. According to Saint Paul College where he went for studies, the chef began his career 40 years ago in the Twin Cities.

The chef was known for helping people establish restaurants which include Half-Time Rec, Goodfellows, Butcher & the Boar, La Belle Vie, and The Dakota. He greatly contributed to uplifting the culinary appearances of the Twin Cities. Jack Riebel’s wife Kathryne Cramer had said that they never had kids but had hundreds of kids at the chef’s restaurants and called him a gift as he made everyone feel special.

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